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The Roommate from Hell - Part 3: "The Fridge Saga"

     It took me more than 6 months to actually write this. Wow. Much article. So discipline . Anyway, this time I will write about how the crazy roommate saga ends!       You might be thinking "But, Leandro, I thought you already had finished this story after he got kicked out of the apartment in Part 2 !" Well, no. There is still one great final act in the mad theater of a mentally ill roommate's mind. Not as great as being hunted by gopniki in a park, of course, but still worth telling.       So here we go. Part III. The comeback. The end of the saga!  You will never look at a fridge the same way after this article So what happened then?      As of the end of the last article about this crazy roommate, he was kicked out, and we were living our happy lives in the freak-free world. Yay! There was just one teeny tiny detail. Remember when I wrote on Part 1 that we had to sit down with him and convince him to pay for part of our fridge, so he could keep his food from rot