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What about coronavirus in Russia?

    Hello there! I was supposed to write something about coronavirus in October 2020, but you know how responsibly I lead my blog. In any case, since I am now ill with - guess what - Covid and can't leave my apartment for the next two weeks, I thought it would be a good time to write on my blog about it.  In case you are worried about me , although, why would you? : I'm fine, mostly. I am coughing a bit and bored to death, but other than that, pretty ok.  So, how has Russia been dealing with the Covid pandemic?            That is a very good question! Almost as if I asked it myself. At the moment, the country is facing a third wave, of infections. This could possibly be worse than the previous waves because of the Delta variant, which is much more contagious. The number of cases has been rising quite quickly, but the government is not repeating the measures imposed in similar situations in the past. In Moscow, not long ago you could only go to a restaurant if you were vaccinate

Moscow X Saint Petersburg. Fight!

     Hello, dear readers!       I hope you are doing great out there, and I really, really hope you are not reading this because your city is in lockdown again, and you are bored to death but can't leave your home now, so you decided to read whatever shitty blog you could find on the internet and ended up in this page. I feel so sorry if accurately described your situation right now.       Anyway, I feel inspired these last few days, so I have been writing a lot. Hopefully you won't get ODd with bad jokes.       Today I am going to write about a topic which is not polemic at all! We are simply going to decide which Russian city is better: Saint Petersburg or Moscow. If you have ever spoken to someone from either cities, you would know how serious this discussion can get. There are jokes and stereotypes from both sides, like this great outrageous quote I heard from someone:  "When someone decides to move from Saint Petersburg to Moscow, the average IQ increases in both cit

How it feels to live 8 years in Russia?

It feels weird.  I will get into that a bit later, but first, let me start talking a bit about why I have decided to write about this today. This is going to be an on-the-run post, more serious than normal. On May 4th, 2013, 8 years ago, I traveled to Russia for the first time. I still remember my first impressions. I landed at Domodedovo airport and felt what a 15°C cold feels like, possibly for the first time in life. Hello, people from Cuibraza .  The sun was barely visible through thick clouds, even though it was the middle of the day. The agency responsible for getting me and my new colleagues to Kursk and Belgorod had rented a very old bus that would take us through over 700 Km of highways.  The next memory is already at night, after long hours on that lonely highway among tall Russian pine trees. We stopped at a small diner along the street to use the bathroom. The lady behind the counter looked at each of the students with a severe, almost hateful face.  Those were my first imp

The Roommate from Hell - Part 3: "The Fridge Saga"

     It took me more than 6 months to actually write this. Wow. Much article. So discipline . Anyway, this time I will write about how the crazy roommate saga ends!       You might be thinking "But, Leandro, I thought you already had finished this story after he got kicked out of the apartment in Part 2 !" Well, no. There is still one great final act in the mad theater of a mentally ill roommate's mind. Not as great as being hunted by gopniki in a park, of course, but still worth telling.       So here we go. Part III. The comeback. The end of the saga!  You will never look at a fridge the same way after this article So what happened then?      As of the end of the last article about this crazy roommate, he was kicked out, and we were living our happy lives in the freak-free world. Yay! There was just one teeny tiny detail. Remember when I wrote on Part 1 that we had to sit down with him and convince him to pay for part of our fridge, so he could keep his food from rot

The Old and New Christmas, New Year pines, and Other Weird Stuff about Russian Holidays

     Hey there, folks! It has been a while, right? Have you missed me? I'm pretty sure you didn't, and yet again I'm writing another article full of bad jokes only for you!      We have just been through the New Year holidays in Russia. God, am I glad we have over 7 official holidays! There are a few traditions in the end-of-the-year celebrations in Russia that differ from any other part of the world, in the sense that they are sooo weird. Russians, amirite? So I decided to dedicate some time to talk  write about them.  The Old and New Christmas       It all changed when the fire nation attacked with the Romans, or to be more specific, the Gregorian calendar. The western world switched calendars, one thing led to another, and a few thousand years worth of history books later, we got the western Christmas on the 25th of December. The Orthodox Church, however, still uses the Julian calendar. Only God knows why. Did you see what I did there? :D      So the Orthodox Christmas