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The Very Obvious Places You Should Check Out in Saint Petersburg

  Yo, my people! What's crackin'?  Just as I finished writing this article, I'd like to announce that this old bastard here has already been living over one year in Saint Petersburg. And wrote less than 10 posts for the blog this whole time. * C o m m i t m e n t * Since I am almost a local and have taken upon myself the task of visiting all the famous and not so famous bars in Saint Petersburg, I decided to share a few things you can do while visiting the cultural capital of Russia.  I will take a bit of a different approach than in my  Moscow post . Here I'll dedicate the whole post to St. Petersburg main attractions, which will be specially useful if you are short on time. No need to thank me for it, I know I'm awesome.  Later on I think I'll write a bigger article on my favorite bars.  Hermitage and Russian Museums If you are into art, culture, you should totally visit Hermitage and Russian museum. If you are not into art and culture, you shouldn't reall