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Russian Bureaucracy 101, or how to not get Deported or Arrested for a Stupid Piece of Paper

This time I would like to focus on a single piece of bureaucracy that got me and my friends in so many problems already that I can't even think about where to start. Let me introduce you to the beautiful world of soviet-style blood-stained red tape: The Registration At one point, a friend of mine had to book some last minute vacations to Greece because the university forgot to register him. Can you think of a better excuse to skip classes? I can't. It's so stupid it's almost impossible for this to be fake.  I almost paid a fine once because I forgot to bring this diabolical piece of paper with me. So far stupid enough? Don't worry, it gets worse. I have a few more stories for the end of this article. What exactly is this hellish paper of agony and pain? It is simply a piece of paper (wow! Such explanation! Much informative) that you must have at all times if you are a foreign citizen, because you always need to prove where you live if a guard stops you in the street