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Racism in Russia, or How to Not Rent an Apartment

Oh, well, my initial idea was not to get political in this blog, but since everyone is talking about racism these last few weeks or days or months, self-isolation has it own timeline , I thought I would at least share a couple of funny, but not really situations that happened to me in Russia, with the intent of highlighting the different faces of this issue here in this country. Like the time I was walking in Gorky Park and a kid pointed a finger at me and said "Look, mom, a n*****!". Before you ask, yes, there is an equivalent word in Russian, and no, I am not joking. It was a kid! I don't expect a kid to understand what they are doing , but I also didn't expect a kid to know that word , to be fair.  You look white... If you feel like going to the comments section right away to tell me I shouldn't talk about racism because of white privilege or something, this paragraph here is for you: Despite my mostly "European" looks, I don't consider myself wh

The Roommate from Hell - Part 1

Hey, hope everyone is enjoying the quarantine as much as I am bored enough to write another article for this blog ! Alright, enough boring grammar and torture, you probably  want to know about adventures, drama, and funny things. Well, this article will have all that! Oh, boy! Disclaimer: I try to live my life as honestly as I can and I normally avoid making mean comments about people, no matter what they have done to me or others. But some people are really beyond salvation and I will be writing facts, not my opinions about someone, and if anyone asks, I am just writing fiction.  So now that I made a few statements about my good character, we are free to insult, embarrass, and humiliate whomever we want to. Let's begin! Who was this Guy?  I didn't say it was guy. How did you find out? Shit, I'm bad at keeping secrets.  Anyway, I won't give details about his name or how this person looked like, I will just refer to him as "he" (or him) and tha