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Learning Russian in Russia

Very well, so here I am after a somewhat 2-3 months break making myself write another episode. Hopefully this text will come to life in the next 30 minutes or so, because now I am a very busy adult doing things adult people do, such as going to work and bingeing on Netflix afterwards. Alrighty then, let's talk about the marvelous world of Russian language, blyat'. How were the first Russian classes?  Well, might be useful to mention here again that when I got to Belgorod I already knew some Russian. I could read the Russian alphabet and could survive in a groceries store, but there were colleagues in my class that didn't know Russian at all, so they all had to survive using mimics (trips to the hairdresser were specially funny back then.) Funny fact: Did you know that in some Russian stores (specially those that still live in the Soviet Union) you cannot take the item yourself? You have to ask a clerk to get it from the shelf for you and you might have to pay fo