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The Very Obvious Places You Should Check Out in Saint Petersburg

  Yo, my people! What's crackin'?  Just as I finished writing this article, I'd like to announce that this old bastard here has already been living over one year in Saint Petersburg. And wrote less than 10 posts for the blog this whole time. * C o m m i t m e n t * Since I am almost a local and have taken upon myself the task of visiting all the famous and not so famous bars in Saint Petersburg, I decided to share a few things you can do while visiting the cultural capital of Russia.  I will take a bit of a different approach than in my  Moscow post . Here I'll dedicate the whole post to St. Petersburg main attractions, which will be specially useful if you are short on time. No need to thank me for it, I know I'm awesome.  Later on I think I'll write a bigger article on my favorite bars.  Hermitage and Russian Museums If you are into art, culture, you should totally visit Hermitage and Russian museum. If you are not into art and culture, you shouldn't reall

The Roommate from Hell - Part 2

Hi again! I hope you are enjoying this Saturday as much as I am not . In order to distract myself from my existential anger and frustration, I decided to come back to one of the moments when I experienced anger and frustration towards someone else, not myself. That's basically my secret recipe to cope with life. Where were we? Ah, yes, the fateful day when all hell broke loose in the apartment. If you haven't read the first part, here it is. The frying pan During a beautiful winter morning, I happened to wake up a bit later than usual. This fine gentleman was preparing some coffee with milk using a frying pan. Why was he using a frying pan instead of the perfectly good microwave? He refused to help us pay for the microwave and electrical kettle that we had bought for the apartment, so he could only make coffee with the frying pan.  Now I know this might sound very outlandish if you are living in a university dormitory, but in our apartment we used to wash dirty dishes right awa

What to see in Moscow when you get tired of walking on the Red Square

 Hello! It's me I was wondering if after all these years I am preparing for a small trip to Moscow soon and it's actually going to be the 3rd time I will be in Moscow as a tourist. Crazy, huh? For this reason, I decided to share a few insights of what you should totally see in Moscow if you want to ever travel there, apart from the obvious spots. I lived there for 4 years, so I know at least 100 interesting places to go instead of visiting the Kremlin, hell yeah.  But just in case... Let's start with the obvious. You saw these places on TV, you know them, you will see them in Moscow whether you want to or not :  Red square, Kremlin, Saint Basil's Cathedral, the big white church which name I never learned Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Bolshoi Theater, the Moscow State University, Gorky Park and the old Arbat st.  I won't waste my time speaking about these things because they are famous worldwide and if you don't know some of these places,  you savage, you can