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A few things we do differently in Brazil and Russia

Today I am in São Paulo, getting ready to go to Russia, hopefully to begin an amazing new job in a cool Russian company. Well, I know I planned on talking about something completely unrelated to today's topic, but I figured "Hey, it's my blog, I can do whatever I want!", so I changed my mind and decided to speak about some of the things I noticed in my first weeks in Belgorod. These are not the commonly spoken things about Russia, because there is enough of that in the internet. Jokes about vodka and bears are below me. Kebab Shaverma Shawarma Shaurma  Shaurma is the name used in Moscow for this food, so that's the one I am sticking with, pretty much the same way the right Russian is the Russian spoken in Moscow. Hopefully, none of my future colleagues in Saint Petersburg will read this. Let's begin with this delicious street food that is not normally found in Brazil, or at least it was not popular here until very recently. This is simply everyw